CO2 and ADL

CO2 and ADL

My road to understanding effects of manmade emissions of CO2 started when I was working on technology to reduce the cost of oil and related transportation fuels. I’d heard about the effects of CO2 on our health and life as a whole, but arrogantly thought human beings are incapable of affecting the planet. Then, Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth hit theaters and I decided that as an engineer I should know more. I use the news media as a pointer to my research and calculations. After watching the movie, I concluded that I did not know enough to carry out an engineering analysis, and that the issue was so important for my life and that of my loved ones that I had an obligation to delve into it.

Shortly after, I saw an ad stating that Dr. James Lovelock was going to speak at the Brookings Institution. All the seats were sold out, but my Russian upbringing led me there, just feeling and knowing that something would open up. And it did. Needless to say, Dr. Lovelock spoke my language of science and engineering and I saw how uneducated I was. He even signed his book for me after the lecture, and for others too.

Then I started my analysis. It took a year and I have a four-drawer file cabinet filled with just key data. I learned a lot from publications by Dr. James Hansen and Dr. Kevin Anderson, from the World Nuclear Association, from British Petroleum, and a number of researchers from the UK, the United States, Japan, Germany, and Russia.

It turns out that simple engineering calculations demonstrate that without CO2 reduction on a grand scale, any other current and future activity has no value since there will be no human habitat or individuals left in a short time to qualify that activity and give it meaning. I made my quite conservative calculations using optimistic engineering data. Since 2007 when I made them, two writers have presented not so rosy outcomes. I advise concerned users to read the book Going Dark by Dr. Guy R. McPherson and the book Don’t Even Think About It—Why Our Brains are Wired to Ignore Climate Change by George Marshall. From these two distinguished authors you will learn what will happen to you and when, and this might encourage you to learn more by visiting this website for your own sake.

The solution to our predicament is simple. Most fossil fuels must be left where they have been stored in order for life to continue to flourish. But we need energy, as our structured society will disintegrate without a continuous energy flow. This is the second law of thermodynamics. What are the energy sources that have no carbon content? They are the more lasting ones—fusion on the sun and fission on Earth.

Welcome to learning what we must do to repair our broken world.

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