Common sense

Common sense

You do not need to be a scientist, or an engineer, or have any education to have common sense. Below you will find certain facts and pieces of tested wisdom for you to make your own conclusions concerning what you will do or not do.

Confucius said that the beginning of wisdom starts with calling things by their proper names. So, it is the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) that are produced by the production and burning of oil, gas, coal, and biomass that has been leading to global warming.

The biosphere (all living organisms on our planet and their environment) stored carbon dioxide in the chemical forms of coal, oil, and gas for several hundred million years to create the environmental conditions for life to flourish. People have and continue to dig them up and burn them, releasing carbon dioxide back into the air in less than a couple of hundred years. Sooner, much rather than later, the human race will be the ultimate loser of this mindless action.

Do not cut the branch on which you sit.

If you’ve dug a deep hole, stop digging.

If anything CAN go wrong, it WILL and at the WORST time.

We design nuclear power plants and airplanes for worst-case scenarios to protect a few hundred people. Shall we “design” our earthly habitat for seven billion people at least with the same worst-case approach? What is the worst case of changes in our habitat in the years to come?

People do not talk about the most important things. Instead, they give to others a school of “red herring.”

If one can’t make a thing work, one needs to read the instructions. In life, we have “The Instruction.”

The Arctic’s ice is melting because the water is getting hotter and Greenland’s ice is melting because the air is getting warmer.

We happily live under the light and heat of the exploding hydrogen bomb that is the sun and on a hot nuclear reactor in which uranium and thorium fission produces high temperatures, the Earth. We love both and can’t live without either of them.

One gram of uranium contains the same amount of energy as ~500 gallons of fuel or oil. In April 2015, $1 worth of uranium had the same energy as ~$7,000 of oil. One needs to try very hard NOT to make a fortune by replacing oil energy with uranium energy.

There is no point in worrying about coarseness of a noose rope.

Coal, natural gas, and oil are highly valuable chemicals. Burning them is burning money!